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A Solution for the Textile Industry - Navi Weave
An integrated business management solution designed for growing weaving companies that want the freedom to focus on their business, including:

Empower Your People to Succeed
The Production manager can plan when a particular work order will get completed, when the beams need to be refilled in an individual loom, which sort is more efficient and less error prone to production, so that he suggests the costing involved in a particular sort.

For the Marketing Manager, this product gives a detailed analysis when a particular order can be taken and will get completed, so he can perfectly assure the delivery and give his order promising.

For the Procurement department this package facilitates the exact inventory of yarn and the required yarn for a given order.

This also handles various subcontractors for Beam Sizing and tracking the Sizing orders.

For management it delivers the costing of individual sorts and overall heath of the production plant through various reports.

Rich, End-to-End Functionality

Key Features

  • Forecast of Beam Fall( Run out of Beams)
  • Production report for individual looms, loom groups and sheds
  • Efficiency reports for individual looms, loom groups and sheds, weavers, supervisors or any employee attached to the specific unit
  • Complete inventory control right from the purchase of yarns to individual sorts
  • Purchase Management through single PO and Multiple receipts of Yarn and complete tracking of Yarns
  • Sales Order management and shipment tracking through multiple sales invoices
  • Subcontracting module for warp sizing and tracing warp beams
  • Complete Quality Control and Folding and Inspection Data analysis for backtracking faulty fabric by Shift, Loom and Weaver responsible
  • Efficiency of individual sort can be ascertained and a future costing may be worked out by this
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